Make sure nothing is missing from your order.

Your costume may be wrinkled from shipping. Use a steamer to get rid of wrinkles from the tutu skirt. Do not use a steamer on the bodice or the tunic. Iron the bodice or tunic from inside out and only on a low temperature. It is very important to only iron from the inside, not on the decorated side.

After performance, let your costume dry. Spot clean if necessary and deodorize with a mix of 2/3 water, 1/3 vodka in a spray bottle. Avoid products like Febreze. It might smell good for a little bit, but it might also stain the fabric.

Do not dry clean your costume  if your costume features crystals,  rhinestones or shiny trims. Always ask your local dry cleaner for  other possibilities before making a decision.

Always store your tutu flat. Using a tutu garment bag might be a good choice. Do not hang from the straps. If no other choice, hang it from the panty.

We do not have a return policy. Exchanges will not be considered if costume has been worn.